Professional & Academic Experience

Recently completing an MSc in the Psychology of Education at University College London, I became concerned with the inconsistency of technology integration in Music education. Believing that professional development is critical for the building of skills in non-specialist educators, I am developing a mentoring programme that supports technology integration in the music classroom.



PhD Candidate, Psychology and Human Development, University College London, 2018 -

Supporting Teacher’s Technology Adoption

MSc, Psychology of Education, University College London, 2017

Dissertation: Towards Developing an Technology Professional Development Programme

Postgraduate Certificate in Psychology, University College London, 2016

Postgraduate Certificate in Education, Secondary Music, Manchester Metropolitan University, 2011

B.A, Popular Music and Recording, University of Salford, 2010



Seminar, Centre for Educational Neuroscience Research Seminars, Birkbeck University, 2019

Poster Presentation, Oxford STORIES, University of Oxford, 2018

Master’s research presented as part of Technology in Education conference.


Public Appearances

Panelist, Loop Festival, Berlin, 2017

“Beyond Curriculum: New Perspectives in Music Education” and "Re-inventing Music Education through Technology”. Appeared on two panels discussing Music Technology and education.

Panelist, BBC Radio Five, 2017

Guest on a panel debating the importance of technology in Music education.

Ableton Education Documentary, 2017

Main feature in a documentary exploring the impact that Music Technology has on young people’s academic trajectories.

Guardian Article, 2016

Interview feature discussing music technology education.