Ableton Certified Trainer

Last weekend I took part in what I can only describe as one of the most gruelling weekends of my life... well, in memory! I joined the 250 strong community of Ableton Certified Trainers! *praise emoji*  Every step of the process was intense. The application, the interview (I don't think that I slept properly for weeks!) but nothing would prepare me for the intensity of the weekend. They say nervous energy is good for performance, well I had that down... just enough mind. 

All that said, it was also absolutely amazing to be surrounded by such talented and passionate music technology educators, all brilliant artists in their own right. And to top that, it was an all female crew!!! A small but critical boost to the shamefully underrepresented.

Not only have I come away with a bunch of life long friends, but a renewed awareness for the need of quality music technology instruction.  

Can't wait to get back on it!!

Melissa Uye-Parker